Red Lippy Day

We were thrilled to receive these wonderful images from Ashlar House in Epping recently, as they celebrated Red Lippy Day for Dementia on 3 May. It is organised by Dementia UK and goes towards the provision of Admiral Nurses for people and families living with dementia.

At Ashlar House, resident’s families donated new red lipsticks, while residents (both men and women), and carers and staff took some time out to chat together, while they put on their own bright lipstick and raised money for charity.
Activities manager Rita Green reminded us that aside from raising awareness and money, Red Lippy Day is a great opportunity to focus on how important appearance still is for residents, and how much it benefits them to be smart and well-presented: “If we are well-groomed and well-dressed, we often feel more confident about ourselves,” she says.

Thanks Ashlar House for sharing these pictures with us, and congratulations on the money raised!