Simple Craft: Peg Dolls

Peg dolls were part of many little girls’ childhoods. Where money was scarce, children used their imagination and made their own toys.

It’s a lovely reminiscence craft to try together, and perfect for celebrating May Day too! You can still buy old-fashioned dolly pegs in hardware stores or online.

1. Using a fine felt-tipped pen draw on the doll’s face.

2. You can colour in the hair as well, or if you’re feeling very crafty, glue on strands of fine wool.

3. Continue painting or colouring in the body of the peg.

4. Draw on buttons for a shirt.

5. If you have scraps of material, gather some together with an elastic band to make a simple skirt. You can make a cape in a similar style.

6. If you feel you want arms, bend a pink, cream or brown pipe cleaner around the doll and bend the ends over for the hands.

7. Use your imagination to make each doll unique.

8. Ask staff to bring in their own dolls and talk about them in the session.