Six Simple Ideas for Christmas Crafting

Stuck for ideas and don’t have a massive budget? Jan Millward shares some of her favourite ways to get creative this Christmas…
  1. Ask family and friends for donations of old Christmas cards. Get your group sorting them out into themes: robins, religion, snow scenes, angels and so on. Cut them out to make gift tags or new cards.
  2. Make table decorations in old teacups. Push wet Oasis into your cup and decorate with bits of fir tree (if you have a real tree, often the bottom branches are removed), old Christmas baubles, ivy, and anything festive you may have in the garden (most of us have some ivy creeping up a tree or a fence).
  3. Recycled wreath. Use strips of old ribbon and any festive-coloured bits of material you may have. Knot short lengths onto a circular wire frame to make a great wreath!
  4. Simple Christmas crackers for table decorations can be made by putting a few treats and a cracker joke inside a length of kitchen-roll inner, and then covering it in wrapping paper and tying off the ends.
  5. Christmas stockings. Use cheap festive socks, and add a tangerine, a chocolate coin, and any other goodies you can find (eg a small bar of soap or a pocket-sized pack of tissues). Tie with ribbon, add a label and get them delivered with the breakfast trays on Christmas morning!
  6. Play ‘Name that Carol’. Play the first line of a carol or read out a line, and see if your group can guess the carol. Carry on singing the first verse together when they get it.