The Activity Coordinator’s Companion

In June, we are launching a new handbook, designed to be an essential guide to everything you need as an activity coordinator.

The book will provide information for those just starting out or settling into a new role or a new care home, as well as information on person-centred care, working with colleagues and family members, managing resources, organising special events and celebrations, health and safety, risk assessments and budgets – and lots more.

We are always striving to support activity professionals to the best of our ability, and this handbook is packed with practical, hands-on and reliable tips, ideas and guidance. From out of hours activity planning to recruiting volunteers, this book offers advice on all aspects of care home life, and will soon become your trusty newcompanion.

It is available for 14.95, which includes postage and packaging, and can be pre-ordered from our website here.Your order will be dispatched as soon as possible after publication.