The November Competition

For our latest competition, we would love to take this opportunity to listen to our users – your residents. What do they think of the Daily Sparkle? What do they like about it? What difference does it make to them?

We are interested in what works for your residents about the Daily Sparkle, their favourite parts, and what we could be doing better.

It should be fun collecting this feedback, and there are many ways to do so. You might sit down for a one-to-one chat with a resident. You might run a discussion session focused on a printed copy of the Daily or Weekly Sparkle. This could be a good opportunity to engage your residents with one of our reminiscence topics, quizzes, or featured letters. If you choose to do this, make it an informal and relaxed event, and use the Carer’s Notes in the back of the Daily Sparkle to stimulate conversation. Use open questions to encourage the sharing of your residents’ opinions. With the residents’ permission, record these opinions and enter the competition.

Four winners will each receive a cheque for £50, and four runners up will receive goodies for your activity sessions.

To enter the competition, write your residents’ views in approximately 100 words on the entry form at All entries must be received this way to be included in the competition. You will also need your care home reference number – a four or five-digit number found in the subject line of the email which contains your Daily or Weekly Sparkles. All entries must be received by 6th December 2019.