Keep your residents stimulated

The Daily Sparkle can be used in many different ways to fit in with how your care setting operates.

Requiring very little preparation time, each copy is full of activities that make it easy to keep your residents stimulated and engaged. They can also be used as a springboard to inspire your own ideas.

Here are just some of the ways in which care homes, day centres and hospitals are making use of this versatile tool:

Perfect for group sessions

Group reminiscence sessions are a fun and rewarding way to accelerate the creation of your new community. In a group session, staff members will not only make connections with residents but also with one another. Likewise, some residents may find experiences and interests in common with fellow residents, creating the possibility of new friendships.

Even the routine of sitting together and sharing stories can be pleasurable in itself, particularly with those residents who are used to being part of a large family, work or social group.

If you need to accommodate a particularly large group and there aren’t enough copies of the Daily Sparkle to go round, extra copies of activities can easily be printed enabling everyone to take part.

Enriching one-on-one contact

The Daily Sparkle will benefit residents and staff members during one-to-one interactions. It can create instant connection between care home staff and residents, help with calming and orientating residents or simply facilitate casual conversation.

When residents are confined to their beds, the Daily Sparkle can form a welcome distraction from any feelings of loneliness and isolation they may be experiencing.

Welcoming new arrivals

The Daily Sparkle can be particularly beneficial for orientating new residents and staff members, giving them something constructive to do as they get used to their new environment.

For relatives and other visitors, what better way to break the ice, create a good impression and make them feel welcome than by offering them a copy of the Daily Sparkle to look through?

A flexible resource

The beauty of the Daily Sparkle is that it can be used in multiple ways to suit different individuals and settings. There are no hard and fast rules and care home staff and managers will find their own special uses for their copies.