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Ways to use The Daily Sparkle


The Sparkles can save HOURS of preparation whilst providing wonderful fresh reminiscence material- and each edition comes with a set of comprehensive carers' notes that gives ample background info, plus lots of questions to help you get the very most out of your sessions


The Sparkles have proved a huge hit with relatives. As well as creating a good impression, they provide something to help engage their loved ones.


No need to miss out on all the activities. Print an extra copy so all residents may be included.


Some residents will enjoy reading the Sparkles as a newspaper and appreciate their copy every day


Use the Sparkles to help promote your home's image. Leave a copy in reception and communal areas. Also, some of our customers include a recent copy in their brochures packs


Use the Sparkles at various times and places during the day to engage residents. This can also create a closer relationship with care staff