Craft Activities

There are lots of unique ways to use the Sparkles. They function most simply as a newspaper with reminiscence topics and stories from the past, but, with a little creativity, and the use of all the extra resources we include, you can use them for a range of activities throughout the home. Here we look at how they can be used for craft activities…

  • Use big canvasses to do collages of the food and kitchen-based Daily Sparkle articles, then display them in the dining areas. They are great conversation starters, and wonderful to use in memory cafes too.
  • Pick something decorative from the Sparkles – such as Easter baskets, May doves, flowers – and help the residents to draw, cut and make their own to display in their rooms or in the lounges. You could hang birds from the light fittings or stick printed floral bouquets to the walls. You could even turn it into a meaningful activity, getting people to talk about their memories of, and associations with the items.
  • Use old Sparkles as coverings for storage boxes to house current and past Sparkles – you could cut out and glue different sections to shoe or cereal boxes. A simple way for everyone to know where the used Daily Sparkles belong. You could also create quiz or song books out of the Daily Sparkles – cut out the relevant sections and put them into a book to create a resource for other staff, families or residents to pick up and use whenever they want to.