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Top quality, professionally created activities for older people and people living with dementia.

Quick and easy-to-use resources to provide stimulation, interest, fun and enjoyment every day.

Highly effective relationship-building tools.

The award-winning Daily Sparkle – the UK’s most used and most popular activity resource for over 10 years.

Huge library and variety of resources to meet everyone’s needs.

The convenience and benefits of a subscription

“We have been using the Daily Sparkle for two years and it has been a wonderful experience for our Residents, its like having a daily newspaper full of interesting facts and quizzes. Our Residents look forward to receiving the Daily Sparkle, and really enjoy group reading and discussion, reminiscing and sharing their own experiences. The daily sparkle has been a life saver and a great source of help through the pandemic especially when most of our Residents were isolating in their rooms.”

Leanora, Activity Coordinator

How We Can Help You

Whether you work in a care home or visit clients in their own homes, we are here to help.

We are offering SIX WEEKS FREE RESOURCES for you to experience what we offer, so choose an option below to discover all the different ways we can support you.

“Our residents love their Daily Sparkle and some get passed on to family and friends. When we discuss the Daily Sparkle in a group it’s amazing the memories it brings back for our residents.”
Sue, Care Home manager

“The Sparkle also comes with an excellent set of carer’s notes. It is a wonderful reminiscing tool and the CareGivers love it too. I am so glad I came across it because I know how much joy it brings to our clients.” Julie, Home Care owner

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