Guessing Games

Recently in our Activity Coordinators’ Facebook Group we ran an ‘ideas share’, getting everyone to share one of their favourite simple activities ideas, and in turn, benefit from everyone else’s ideas too.

The list we ended up with had over 50 fantastic activities from armchair boules to laminating local photographs and plenty of guessing games. Over the course of the coming weeks we are going to share this extensive and varied list with you, providing a little inspiration for your planning sessions.


What’s in the Bag? Fill bags with items like paper clips, combs and puzzle pieces. Create a numbered sheet, pass the bags around and get everyone to guess what’s in it.

Guess the Smell! Use old fashioned perfumes that residents would recognise, dried lavender, old fashioned soaps, shoe polish etc.

Higher or Lower? Start with a pack of shuffled playing cards, face down on a table, in the middle of the room. Give one to the first player, and ask them to guess whether the next card in the pile is higher or lower. If they are correct, they get a point. Once the pack is all used up, the highest score wins. If you have giant playing cards you can play it on the floor.

The Price is Right! Get a selection of different items together, and residents have to guess the cost. It’s even more fun to compare the current prices to the ones ‘back in the day’ (such as a loaf of bread or a pint of milk).