Marking Special Occasions

From Father’s Day to milestone birthdays and welcoming new residents, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference, and our Sparkling Times are a truly person-centred way to recognise a special resident.

A glossy four-page celebration of a person’s life, our personalised Sparkling Times editions can be created online by a family member or loved one, or someone from the care home team.

All you have to do is provide a few facts about a resident, a photo or two and a personal message – and then let us use the UK’s biggest reminiscence library to create the perfect surprise for that special someone.

It takes less than ten minutes, and once completed we then post out three professionally-printed presentation copies, as well as emailing you a PDF.

Here are five different ways to use the Sparkling Times to support your residents, and their families, at important moments in their lives.

When a new resident arrives in a care home it can be a very stressful experience for them and their families. The lack of familiarity, an adjustment to a new set of routines, finding their way around, coping with loneliness or anxiety and a sense of loss can be very hard.

How can you reassure them and their loved ones that they will be seen and recognised as a unique individual? How can you provide your staff with an easily digestible way of learning some details about a new resident so they can give them a meaningful welcome?

Easing this transition and making a new resident feel warmly welcomed into your home is really important, and it can make all the difference to their first few weeks with you.
Our Welcome Sparkles have been created as the ideal answer to all these questions, allowing everyone to get to know the resident quickly and to be able to share some important details from their lives straight away.

It’s a very special way of welcoming a new resident that says, ‘We are happy you’re here, and we know lots about you already, so you’re among friends, and it’s good to have you here.’ Order now >>


In care homes, birthdays are particularly special as they are a chance to make someone feel truly recognised. They also provide a wonderful excuse for a celebration and plenty of cake! But how do you make a birthday feel special, and different for each resident?

Birthday Sparkles are a great way to give your resident a self-esteem boost, creating a sense that the day is about them, and making them feel not only remembered but also treasured.

Stories about their lives, familiar pictures and happy moments from their past can form the basis of a reminiscence chat, and also give carers and other staff something to chat to the resident about during the day.

It’s a really powerful way to put the person at the centre of your celebrations. Order now >>


A mother’s or father’s love is a very special kind of love. The presence that is Mum or Dad can be so steadying and reassuring even when few words are said.
Mother’s and Father’s Days in a care home can be bittersweet for some residents as it’s a reminder of how much they miss their children, and for family and friends, it can be hard if their loved one no longer recognises them or if they can’t be together on this special day. There will also be those residents who don’t have children or find the day hard for a variety of reasons.

But there will also be residents and families who will long to spend the day together and to find a way of expressing gratitude for all that their mother and father have done for them.

However a resident sees this day, our Mother’s and Father’s Day Sparkles are a lovely way to look back at someone’s childhood and share the happy memories they had together. Order now >> (And don’t miss our special offer for Father’s Day – £5 off using code FATHERS21 from 1st May to 19th June.)


One of the best ways to practice person-centred care is to create a Resident of the Month/Week which gives one resident a chance to share the things that matter to them and helps the other residents really get to know them.

Proclaiming someone Resident of the Week is a wonderful way of honouring a person and making them feel extra special for that period of time.

A lovely way to mark the occasion is to create a presentation memento that is all about that unique individual. A gesture of your caring and a boost to their self-esteem, the Resident of the Week Sparkles are person-centred care made visible. Order now>>


Christmas is another occasion that can be filled with joy, but also tinged with sadness if families can’t make the journey to see their loved ones or if a resident is remembering someone who has passed away that year.

The Christmas Sparkling Times is a card or gift with a difference and one that helps someone to feel safe and familiar as they remember special moments from their lives. Not just customised with the person’s name, but individualised with their life journey and columns written about the things they love.

Christmas Sparkles are a gentle way of saying, ‘These are the things that I know you love, and which are so loveable about you.’ Order now >>