What is the Daily Sparkle?

Available as a daily or weekly edition, The Daily Sparkle is so much more than a newspaper. It is a carefully prepared reminiscence tool, perfect for taking residents out of their current frustrated mindset and transporting them back to a time where thoughts flowed more freely.

The Daily Sparkle is a framework around which residents and staff can bond, expanding its pages with their own shared experiences and rich memories.

What makes it so special?

benefits of the daily sparkle - leters column, evocative images, quizzes, large clear fonts, carers notes, stimulating questions, customisation, reminiscence articles

The Daily sparkle is an innovative way to help our residents and staff with topics for conversation. There’s so much value in everyone having the confidence to be able to chat to our residents, and the residents enjoy the memories.

Sue Smith , The Old Vicarage Care Home, Swansea , Manager

Who is the Daily Sparkle for?

For Residents

Ultimately, the Daily Sparkle is built around one mission: improving the quality of life for residents living with dementia. Thousands of residents are already enjoying the benefits the Daily Sparkle brings.

With a readership of over 100,000, the Daily Sparkle is found in care homes, day centres and hospitals up and down the country.

For Activity and Non-Activity Staff

The Daily Sparkle can help care home activity co-ordinators to be better at what they do, providing them with a simple way to connect with residents and get off on the right foot.

It also helps non-activity staff, whatever their role and background, to move away from being overly task-focused and embrace a new way of relating to residents.

For Managers and Stakeholders

For care home managers, the Daily Sparkle helps with branding, compliance and stakeholder relations.

Just placing copies in communal areas marks your home or centre as a place where residents will be stimulated as well as cared for physically. However, you can strengthen your branding further by including your home’s name on the cover of the Daily Sparkle and referencing it on your website.

The Daily Sparkle is also perfect for helping to ensure compliance with the Care Standards Act where it covers the provision of therapeutic activities. It also helps care home managers to comply with the Core Competencies set out by the CQC, to embody the ethos of the Dignity in Care Campaign and to support the growing importance of “Participation” in care homes.

For Everybody

The power of the Daily Sparkle to bring people together extends beyond residents and staff. Relatives and other visitors often enjoy reading and talking about articles and the other activities within its pages. The Daily Sparkle adds another fun and rewarding dimension to their visits.

What is the Whole Home Approach?

The Daily Sparkle is the beating heart of the Whole Home Approach, an established strategy for bringing warmth and connection to any care setting.

The Whole Home Approach works with and through a care home’s most valuable assets – its people. Using the Daily Sparkle as a catalyst, the Whole Home Approach gently helps staff to overcome their inhibitions and reach out to residents.

Over time, the combined efforts of staff members add up to an irresistible culture change as activity and non-activity staff and residents build up rewarding relationships with one another.

Walking into a care home which is using the Whole Home Approach instantly feels different – and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) are sure to notice too!